Ang (Kiet Kijcharouen) can be involved you to definitely Flood is gay therefore he requires another neighbor to check

The latest sexy ladies and additionally steals Ton’s money (??????????)

Wattee try an effective student. Quickly as he provides destroyed you to definitely guide, he borrows Pla’s bike. Some other people faith the guy intends to steal brand new bicycle. He must establish one to Pla has given your the fresh new bike points however, Pla is unwell for most weeks. He is judged by the college or university courtroom regarding justice however, he or she is protected by the Pla just in the long run. Pla does not have any choices than to wed her former date within the acquisition to store her mother and her business. Some thing end well given that Wattee might be able to share with the newest realities to Pla ahead of she will leave so you can England. This movie shows brand new Thai modern society alterations in which more youthful individuals choose its partner by themselves rather than adopting the the parents’ wants any more.

A relationship story begins anywhere between Wattee and you will Pla but previous Pla’s date nevertheless wants to ily and you can Pla’s mommy get ready plans where Pla’s mommy organization is bankrupted

College students in category 650 are young ones. It spend your time while making jokes. Their brand new teacher (???????) Sri Nuan will not understand him or her and simply blame them. So they tend to flee school and spend time from inside the Siam Rectangular. Educators have difficulties to educate which group. Teen Phong uses funds from their college charge to buy audio instrument and you will cannot wish to follow company education to restore you to time their dad since direct away from recording studio providers. He cannot head to college any longer. Their father are upset. Phong ends for the past household and you can spends time playing tunes. Their grandma, Pradit, who’s in addition to an instructor, blames their father to possess not giving enough time for their man. She understands the issues to educate family. She asks Phong along with his family to keep and play audio within her lawn so as that she knows where he could be. She requires Phong to make a song of European countries places place having a modern-day stone audio. It’s an immediate achievement towards youngsters. They see and have a great time on same day. The latest grandma is sensible. She knows that youngsters need studies what they such as purchase to acquire greater outcomes. While in the a school outing, among the many students off group 650 preserves another teenager away from drowning. The fresh professor Sri Nuan need acknowledge the woman error and that those individuals children also have a positive additional worth to Thai neighborhood. Within the year-end tests, the kids off classification 650 have quite good results thanks to the music out of professor Pradit. The songs start to be infamous however, Thai kids try not to make them. Record providers together with Phong’s dad are queueing to possess a binding agreement however, the group director is the grandma therefore she knows how to guard the kids legal rights and you can interests once more the organization vultures. In the end the daddy welcomes to help you indication an agreement to quit an excellent competition to find the package. It become a-listers now. Finally they show up to the school year-end spectacle to help you do. Into puzzlement of all of the, they carry out antique Thai sounds. Elders shall respect young people dreams however, youthfulness shall plus value parents profits since the both has actually beliefs. It’s Amphol Lumpoon’s first part.

Thai ?????????? was launched within the seasons 1985. The film was launched years ago by way of VHS movies tape then again never not as much as VCD or Digital video disc style. It adolescent intimate funny movie (???????????) is actually never ever famous and you may was released at the same time where adolescent motion picture dominance are getting strong. Minutes truck is still available also to be seen. A portion of the actors and performers is actually ????????? ??????, ?????? ?????, Tanit Pongmanoon, ??????? ???????????, ??????? ???????, ????? ?????????, Marasri Bangchang.

Thai movie ?????????????????? ?????????????? (??? dos) premiered when you look at the 12 months 1988 and you will continues 1h49mn. That it film was follow-up out-of region step 1 released when you look at the season 1987. A number of tunes is seemed from the motion picture. Nap (Jintara Sookkapat) and you can Ton (Santisuk Promsiri) is best friends due to the fact young people and are now training in college or university. Ton’s father is worried you to definitely his man cannot behave as an effective ‘man’ (?????????????) and look together with his teacher (???????)(Kriengkrai Unhanan). Ton’s parents move to Bangkok however, Ton stays at the rear of to finish their education. Flooding movements to help you a bedroom (???????). Aunt (Sulaleewan Suwanthat) ‘s the proprietor and you will this woman is fed-up to wash sheet sets because clients continue bringing ladies. Nap is disturb with Ton given that she thinks he will bring people to sleep in his area. Nap has to would Thai armed forces degree. Very the girl family unit members ask the lady to help you think again if the Flood most misbehaves or perhaps not. The misunderstanding is actually explained however, Nap needs to reason herself just after which have slapped Ton. The fresh new neighbour tips him again because of the sending an attractive girls to Ton’s place. Nap finds exact same some time and misunderstands Flood again. Flooding becomes slapped once again. This time around, Nap doesn’t faith Flooding (?????). Ton remains family when he has no extra money. The brand new neighbour finds out a job to them but it’s a club abilities craft. Their dad check outs him and you can forces your to see prostitutes. Nap’s pal, Samon, tries to seduce your. It’s examinations day. Nap however will not forgive Flooding. Nap’s father complains for the lead from school as Flooding has trying to get in touch with their child. Flooding explains the whole story with the direct away from school, apologizes getting their conclusion and you will announces quitting the college. Tests should occurs in the near future (??????????????). Flood became working as artist into the a mountain tribe show to possess foreign tourists. After the plea out-of Sleep regarding their loved ones along with his future, Flooding fundamentally goes back to college to pass his examinations because there’s absolutely no upcoming instead diploma.

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